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The Brothers and the Croquet Player

The Brothers and the Croquet Player

The Brothers and the Croquet Player

H. G. Wells

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The Brothers: In a land torn apart by civil war, Bolaris was fiercely loyal to the Strong Men. So when Number Four informed him that Ratzel, leader of the enemy, had been captured, it was naturally a cause for celebration that was until Bolaris actually met his great opponent. The likeness between Bolaris and Ratzel was so remarkable that Bolaris was left in no doubt that they were related brothers or perhaps even twins. As sworn enemies and now as his captor, Bolaris had to work out a way to discover the truth of Ratzel's identity and do so without sacrificing his loyalty. The Croquet Player: Georgie was a very sensitive man, what some would and did call a sissy. Of course Georgie would never dream of blaming his somewhat effeminate nature on the over possessive and overbearing aunt who brought him up although others weren't quite so reticent with their opinions. Georgie had one reason at least to thank his aunt, she had led him into the career he so shone at. It didn't matter to George that playing croquet wasn't exactly the most glamorous thing he could do, because it was on the croquet lawn that he met some of the most intriguing people.

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