by Peter Gay  
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Number of Pages : 610

Language : English

ISBN: 978-0-099-44196-0

Publisher: Vintage

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About the Book

In his most ambitious endeavour since Freud, acclaimed cultural historian Peter Gay traces and explores the rise of Modernism in the arts, the cultural movement that heralded and shaped the modern world, dominating western high culture for over a century. 
He traces the revolutionary path of modernism from its Parisian origins to its emergence as the dominant cultural movement in world capitals such as Berlin and New York, presenting along the way a thrilling pageant of hereitcs that includes Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso, James Joyce, Walter Gropius and Any Warhol. The result is a work unique in its breadth and brilliance.
Lavishly illustrated, Modernism is a superb achievement by one of our greatest historians.


About the Author

Peter Gay, who has died aged 91, was one of America’s leading historians, known particularly for his work on modern European cultural and intellectual history. His massive study The Enlightenment: An Interpretation (two volumes, 1966 and 1969), rehabilitated the age of reason and its thinkers, above all perhaps the Scottish philosopher David Hume, as rationalists who consciously rejected Christian myths and superstition and laid the foundations for the modern world of ideas.Men such as Voltaire, he argued, were not irresponsible or impractical thinkers, but provided the intellectual ammunition for the liberal and democratic political ideologies of the 19th and 20th centuries. The first volume, subtitled The Rise of Modern Paganism, was widely acclaimed far beyond the academic world, and won the National Book award in the US.

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