The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi

The Life Of Mahatma Gandhi


by Louis Fischer  
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About the Book

A tireless fighter for human rights and for Indian independence, his strategy of satyagraha, or passive resistance, earned him the admiration of millions.
Louis Fischer's biography is the definitive account of Ghandi's life; it tells the astonishing story of one man who changed the world forever.


About the Author

The famous American journalist Mr. Louis Fischer came to India in May 1942. He was in India for two months. The world war was in full swing. In the scorching heat of June he spent one week with Gandhiji in this Ashram. Gandhiji gave him one hour daily. He could also talk with Gandhiji during other activities such as eating, walking, etc. Fisher wrote a book "seven days with the Mahatma". In this famous book he has described the Ashram life and Gandhiji's likes and dislikes in a very touching way. He wrote that he never felt afraid in Gandhiji's presence. His association with Gandhiji was warm, healthy, full of joy and cordial. He found Gandhiji a cultured, able and always refreshing and sweet person. Louis Fisher has described the wonders of Gandhiji's personality in the book.Similarly many persons stayed in this Ashram from time to time.

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