Adventures of Tintin - Vol. 3

Adventures Of Tintin - Vol. 3


by Herge  
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Number of Pages : 192

Language : English

ISBN: 978-1-4052-2896-1

Publisher: Egmont

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About the Book

Vol 3: The Broken Ear: Tintin and Snowy search for a missing idol, only to find that desperate criminals are also looking for it: The Black Island: Tintin investigates a plane's crash landing and is shot by the pilot of plane, he then travels to Britain to uncover a sinister plot: King Ottokar's Sceptre: Tintin is drawn into a nail-biting adventure when he accompanies the esteemed Professor Alembick on his visit to Syldavia:


About the Author

Herge is a cartoonist from Belgium and creator of a popular comic series with the protagonist called Tintin. He also created two other popular series' called Jo, Zette And Jocko and Quick Flupke. He is known for writing comics with intricate plots that have been researched efficiently. His work has been adapted all around the world. His influence is more noticeable in Europe and in the year 2009 the Herge Museum was created to honour him and his greatest creation - Tintin.

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