What to Buy for Your Baby

What To Buy For Your Baby


by Liat Hughes Joshi  
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Language : English

ISBN: 978-81-309-1488-6

Publisher: Viva

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About the Book

You're itching to start buying things for the new baby. It's so exciting, after all, and you want to be ready when the baby arrives. But it's an expensive business and you can't afford to waste your money. Your friends are full of advice, of course, and lots of it helpful. But you're different people with different lives, and you can't be sure that what works for them will work for you. So how on earth are you supposed to know what you need and what you don't? And if you do need something, how you do you choose which one to buy, when there are so many different types and brands on offer? Buggies, car seats, nappies, clothes, bedding... where do you start? That's where Caroline Cosgrove, a professional personal shopper for baby equipment, and parenting journalist Liat Hughes Joshi step in. Between them, they have tested and tried hundreds of products, and are here to guide you through them all. They have no vested interest, and pass on impartial advice about: What products are available; The pros and cons of each; Which will suit you personally; Which represent good value for money; What not to waste your money on; Tips for twins and eco-friendly choices. What to Buy for Your Baby is a chatty and informative guide which will help you come away with the equipment you want without spending more than you need to.


About the Author

Liat Hughes Joshi is a freelance journalist who has contributed to the parenting magazine Junior, The Sunday Times, The Independent on Sunday, and The Guardian. She has in-depth knowledge of baby products and has written numerous product tests and reviews. She lives in North London, with her husband and son. Caroline Cosgrove established Baby Concierge, the nursery advisory service, in 2002. Since then she has advised parents-to-be from all walks of life on every aspect of baby shopping. Unlike a conventional shop, Baby Concierge is wholly independent, advising clients solely according to their needs, and with no affiliation to specific manufacturers or products.She has two children and also lives in North London.

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